Thursday, March 13, 2014

No. 2

I know I said that I was going to be a faithful blogger and blog all the time about my adventures with my cat, but as usual, I've slacked off big time. But here I am once again trying to be a more dedicated blogger because I have some good stories to share with you. 
Let's begin with a story about a cat.
This is the beautiful kitty Ghetto. I guess she could also be the sass part of this blog because she is really sassy. Ghetto gets what Ghetto wants and that is fine by me because she is my baby.
Once upon a time Ghetto was hunting for mice in our house, and she actually caught one. She then decided to bring it to me as an offering. On my bed. So, that is the kind of cat that she is. 
A lot of you may not know why I love cats so much so let me enlighten you into my thinking. I love cats because they are shady, and wild, and rude and sassy and independent but at the same time she will cuddle like there is no tomorrow. She is a loyal cat. She loves me. And I love her. I spend most of my time with her actually, which may seem like a sad lonely life to some people but I love it. 
So h8trz back off.
Stick around for more adventures of Cats & Sass. 
I promise it'll be worth the wait.