This is Ghetto. She is the cat part of "Cats & Sass" (that's a little obvious)
This kitty is my best friend. Some people may think I am weird, and I am. But this cat has more personality and spunk than a lot of people out there.
I've had Ghetto for 2 1/2 years. Her name is Ghetto because I was with some friends and a creepy couple was giving kittens away for free in a Wal-Mart parkinglot. A 'ghetto' place, hence the name.
At first I wasn't going to keep her, but she melted my heart and I had to keep her.

Ghetto can be the biggest snitch sometimes. You will soon come to find this out.
Don't cross her path.
Her hobbies include: sleeping, eating, pooping, catching snakes and mice, playing with random objects, getting in the way. She is also a rad cuddle buddy.
More to come from Ghetto, be prepared.

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