Hello there, welcome to this blog. My name is Mardi. I am the Sass part of "Cats & Sass"
I am 20 years old. I love cats (isn't it obvious?)
I don't take things seriously.
I love to take pictures but not the artsy ones, and that's just fine.
My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper.
I like corndogs and Cafe Rio.
I really could sleep all day long and be perfectly happy.
My best friend is in Italy serving The Lord (you will hear A LOT about him)
I love to read and my favorite book is 'Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close'. READ IT.

I've come here to share my thoughts and sass and stories about cats and my life.
If you don't like what I have to say, then go somewhere else.
Stick around, I promise it will be worth it.


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